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A Year's Gone By / Thank you / Candle Safety

Well happy New Year guys and gals!I hope you all had a good Christmas in year 2016 :P Little did I know that this time last year I would be quitting my part time job to be working full time making candles for you lovely lovely people! If you've read my previous posts or know me, then you know I started with making candles using a kit with my little ones.A heck of a lot has happened over the last year, not to mention people trying to stop me from doing what I love most (apart from family time of course) but I will get to that later. Did you know, I even came home 2 days early from my...

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Things off to a great start!

Wow! Well what can I say?! Since launching earlier this year I have not only had a lot of great feedback about my products but met some ever so lovely people too! First of all I just wanted to say thank you to anyone that has either given me a compliment or that has ordered anything from me - both are appreciated more than you know! It has been so busy over the last few weeks I don't know whether I'm coming or going - but don't fear I am loving every single second of it :) I have my products in a few more stores now , my biggest one to date being one which will open at the...

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First post 29/02/2016

Why hello there!  Thank you for taking the time to view my website , I am so excited to get this in to gear now...Fizzy's very own website - woo hoo! I am currently updating the website as we speak so bare with me if it looks a bit empty for now... trying to create a website in between making all of these fabulous candles for you is quite hard ! :)  

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