A Year's Gone By / Thank you / Candle Safety

Well happy New Year guys and gals!
I hope you all had a good Christmas in year 2016 :P

Little did I know that this time last year I would be quitting my part time job to be working full time making candles for you lovely lovely people!
If you've read my previous posts or know me, then you know I started with making candles using a kit with my little ones.

A heck of a lot has happened over the last year, not to mention people trying to stop me from doing what I love most (apart from family time of course) but I will get to that later.

Did you know, I even came home 2 days early from my holiday last year? I had no idea people were going to like my candles so much that they ordered throughout my holiday (yeah ok my fault I didn't say I was on leave but I was clueless!) I even had rush orders for birthdays, I just couldn't let anyone down so I came home and completed them!

One of my main points (if not the most important) is to just say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has ordered from me, followed me , messaged me or even just smiled at a picture of one of my candles, literally wouldn't be here without you. Hopefully I can continue to grow as well as show you what is in my head but in candle form.

So sorry there hasnt been much of a January sale this time folks, I'm still learning and didn't expect to sell out of all my Christmassy things eek!

Right now to the boring bit (or greasy depending on how you look at it ;) )
When starting up, I had a few people mention to me that my candles were 'illegal' . 'Illegal' candles ...right?! At first I thought , whatever ... you're talking out of your b&m but then I was like ... what if they are? So I contacted my local trading standards off of my own back to see what all the fuss was about. She did confirm there were food immitation laws and she wanted to come and see my products. The lady who comes to see me is absolutely lovely I can't thank her enough for the time and effort she goes to to help me through all of this. The next little passage is something I am now going to copy and paste to all those who question me. So if you have got this little message then you clearly haven't looked into me a little bit more *tut tut* hehe :) 

Fizzy Smelts Candles have had visits from Trading standards to the location of production and have infact taken a jammie dodger melt and a very cherry mess away to test on their child safety tools and have not stopped me from producing under the food immitation law.
A lot of people do misunderstand this law and assume that any products which are made to look like food are immediately illegal and this is not the case . If a piece of the candle is able to be broken off and swallowed enough to make the child choke and cause serious injury this is totally unacceptable and there fore in no way shape or form would I , being a mother of 2 myself , make any candles which could cause this ! When I place the toppings on my candles I make sure they are stuck in thoroughly enough that a child could not, or even an adult would have to seriously dig away at the piece before being able to break it free. Trading standards have asked me to not use plastic cherries, straws or paper umbrellas on my candles and there fore I have not . Whatever they ask me to do I follow because the last thing I want is to cause serious injury to anybody . 
Boring bit aside , here's to a fantastic 2017 and once again thank you all for your support. By the way if you're reading this all the way through you're even more special to me now ;) 
Much love, Bex - Fizzy Smelts xXx

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