About Fizzy Smelts

Hi, my name is Bex (or Rebecca if you'd prefer!) and I am the Owner and Chandler at Fizzy Smelts!

Fizzy Smelts began at the start of Jan 2016. In December when me and my family were all in the Christmas spirit, I decided to purchase a candle making pack for us (being my son, my daughter and my husband) all to do! We had such great fun making the candles as decorations for the house it got me thinking, what else can you do!

I did a bit of research around the internet to see what candles were popular and I came across dessert candles. These ones I thought were good but I really wanted to have a go and see if I can create my own versions, something more 'out there' so to speak.

So off I went to the charity shop to see if I could find some random glasses , and purchased some bits and bobs I'd need for creating my idea! The first ever candle I made was a trifle, I loved it so much I made another and put them both up for sale - to which they both sold within an hour!

Having so much fun and realising people actually want different, unique candles personal to them I made more and more and more.

It is the 1st March (2016) tomorrow and things have literally gone so well so quickly I have decided to make my own website rather than just my *Etsy, Facebook and eBay pages...so here I am! Fizzy Smelts has a website! :)


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Feel free to follow me on there, I constantly update them all! :)