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Fizzlers [Soft, Sugary, Sweets]
Fizzlers [Soft, Sugary, Sweets]
Fizzlers [Soft, Sugary, Sweets]

Fizzy Smelts

Fizzlers [Soft, Sugary, Sweets]

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Introducing our first selection of Fizzlers

Your pack will include :

50g Seychelles 

50g Pink Sugar

50g Blueberry & Vanilla


About Fizzlers :

You will need just 1-2 teaspoons worth of Fizzlers in your burner for an amazing scent throw which lasts up to 4 hours !

Once the Fizzlers fragrance has faded , just tip them in the bin and replace with the required amount , a great less mess alternative to wax . 

Made with our regular fragrances, rock salt and vegan friendly / cruelty free dyes.